Affordable Housing CRE Specialist

VCA Realty is a full services real estate firm located in Downtown Los Angeles leading in Affordable Housing Commercial Real Esate.

Service Features

We are experienced leaders in Affordable Housing CRE. See how you can utilize our services to accommodate your needs.

Connecting Opportunity & Property

Asset Location and Acquisition

VCA Realty specializes in obtaining sites that are not for sale. We understand the need for affordable housing commercial real estate and thus, through the years have acquired skill-sets that allows us to pursue difficult properties.

Our company seeks out the most promising innovations as we develop new solutions and advocate for our clients.

Advocating For The Right Cause

Political & Community Outreach

VCA Realty performs leadership outreach to policy makers and elected officials to assist our clients with the political support that is needed to get projects moving forward.

We also provide community outreach services to ensure that community members are informed and educated. Our company can serve both as a catalyst that initiates new projects and as an advocate and advisor that promotes projects to move forward.

Leveraging Data & Innovation

Project Consulting & Research

VCA Realty provides project consulting and research services in order to aid our clients with affordable housing commercial real estate projects. We do this by providing ample understandings of market, and sub-market conditions and drivers.

Our company also provides research on policy changes and incentives on the national, state, and community levels.


We are a full service Commercial Real Estate Firm who are passionate about the Affordable Housing industry. Give us a call if you have any requests or when you are ready for a new project.


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